The Cutting Room Floor: The Deaths of Ian Stone

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The Deaths of Ian Stone

Every day Ian Stone starts his life, at some point during that day Ian dies a terrible death only to find himself in a new life with an unsettling feeling that he’s been through something horrific. Thus the plot setup for the Deaths of Ian Stone for the best movie to come out of Horrorfest in 2007.

Mike Vogel (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake, Poseidon and the upcoming Cloverfield) plays Ian Stone, a hockey playing nice guy with a beautiful girlfriend and a good life. After dropping his girlfriend off at her home he is assaulted and murdered by a shadowy figure. He awakens to a find himself in an office building with the same woman who has no memory of ever dating him. She becomes the one constant through the movie as Ian dies over and over again, killed in several different and grizzly ways, each worse then the last. He begins to piece together what is happening to him and why and with each step he gets to coming closer to the truth the quicker he is killed in an attempt to force him to forget.

Overall The Deaths of Ian Stone is a wonderfully original and fun action film that will gain cult status with it’s release onto DVD with the other 8 Movies to Die For. Not a true ‘horror’ film, Ian Stone has more of a Terminator or Aliens feel to it than say Halloween. The movie stands on it’s own however and scores points for originality, something sorely lacking in Hollywood these days.

Here’s the trailer for The Deaths of Ian Stone:

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