Underrated Manga: Gintama

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Underrated Manga: Gintama

With American anime sales on a downward trend, a lot of attention is being paid to its partner in crime manga, the Japanese comics that are often adapted into anime (if they’re not already adaptations themselves). In North America and Europe manga has exploded, but the sheer volume of manga published in Japan means that not every series makes it over here— and even the ones that do don’t always get the attention that they deserve! So here’s one of our Top Ten Underrated Manga that we recommend that you should get your hands on:


This actually is a combination underrated manga and anime— the anime, in fact, is unlicensed in spite of its immense popularity in Japan. VIZ has started releasing the manga in the U.S., but with so little marketing that many are barely aware of its existence. Which is a shame, since it’s a fantastic (and funny) series!

Gintama is set in an alternate Japan where Tokyo still goes by its centuries-old name Edo and was taken over by aliens who banned the carrying of swords. The lead is Gintoki, a samurai whose skills are for the most part no longer needed. The story follows his exploits as a freelancer, working with the alien girl Kagura and his assistant, Shinpachi, as they attempt to earn enough money to pay their rent. Just a hint: they almost never succeed.

Add to this setup an entire army of wacky characters called the Shinsengumi, a resistance faction, an abrasive landlady, a cross-dressing swordswoman, and at least a dozen other colorful characters, and you get a solid and underappreciated comedy.

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