A Real James Bond Submarine Auto

Posted by Michael Pinto on Feb 16, 2008 in Hobbies and Collections |

sQuba: A Real James Bond Submarine Automobile

Sure it wasn’t a Sean Connery picture but The Spy Who Loved Me was one of my favorite films back in 1977. I think every fanboy back then would have loved to go on a dream date with Barbara Bach while driving underwater in a Lotus Esprit:

Swiss create Bond-like underwater car
‘sQuba’ concept set to make a splash at Geneva Auto Show

“OK, so the Swiss have invented a car that runs on land and underwater. But did they REALLY have to make it a convertible? It’s called the “sQuba,” and conjures up memories of James Bond’s amphibious Lotus Esprit from “The Spy Who Loved Me.” That fictional vehicle traveled on land and, when chased by bad guys in a helicopter, plunged into the water and became an airtight submarine — complete with “torpedoes” and “depth charges”.”

Here’s a concept video for the car:

You can check out the Rinspeed website here and their page on the sQuba.

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