Mickey Mouse Merchandise from the Eighties

Posted by Michael Pinto on Feb 10, 2008 in Hobbies and Collections |

Mickey Mouse Merchandise from the Eighties

Shown above (click on the image to see at full size) are two pages from the 1988 Sears catalog, which featured quite a bit of Mickey Mouse merchandise. At this point in Disney history Michael Eisner was busy turning the company around, with the Great Mouse Detective (a good but under appreciated film) having come out in 1986 however they were still working on the Little Mermaid which didn’t come out until 1989 and put the studio back on the map. But in the meantime the studio did quite a few merchandising deals — some of the goodies shown above include a Mickey Mouse necktie, 101 Dalmations sweat suit, a tacky 80s black satin jacket, a Mickey phone, matching his and hers nightshirts (tacky!), underwear and yes an ultra light weight Minnie-Vac!

Found via Alan and Jason of WishbookWeb.com.

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