Roboquad: Pet with a Remote Control

Posted by Michael Pinto on Feb 1, 2008 in Hobbies and Collections |


Currently one of the hottest selling home robots is the WowWee Robotics Roboquad. The design reminds me a bit of a dog, although it’s legs remind me quite a bit of a crab. The unit comes with a remote control device that allows you to set the personality for your mecha pet. Although I think the main selling point right now is that they’re selling for around $80 which makes them a pretty cheap entertainment accessory for any nerd themed party or work place.

What I think is interesting is that while this first generation of robots are very much novelty devices or toys, I could see a day in the not too far future where they turn into every day devices. For now these robots seem to be a solution in search of a problem, but there may come a day where they can take on the role of a seeing eye dog. Here’s an official demo from WowWee to give you a taste:

There are also geeks who are experimenting sending voice commands to their Roboquad with Skype:

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