The First Anime CD-ROM: The World of U.S. Manga Corps

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The First Anime CD-ROM - The World of U.S. Manga Corps

In 1991 for some odd reason Brian Cirulnick and myself were able to talk John O’Donnell of Central Park Media into making the first Anime themed CD-ROM. The CD-ROM featured 1,000 targa images taken from various Anime TV shows and movies (everything from from Project A-ko to Urusei Yatsura) and 100 digital video clips which were produced using the then new technology QuickTime from Apple Computer. In fact the CD-ROM was the 2nd commercial title to feature QuickTime, the first I believe was a porno title. The other cool thing about the project was that it featured a multimedia presentation which contained a catalog showing a thumbnail sketch of each image. After it’s release the CD-ROM started to sell well and was even picked up by Educorp (one of the early CD-ROM catalogs). However sadly the title was spotted in Japan by one of the copyright holders who mistook it for a video game and thus ending the shelf life of the project.

The First Anime CD-ROM: The World of U.S. Manga Corps

The First Anime CD-ROM: The World of U.S. Manga Corps

By the way, as a special bonus here’s the credits listing from the CD-ROM for old times sake:

Central Park Media – Producers
John O’Donnell – Executive Producer
Jeff Thompson – Production Coordinator
Cliff Rosen – Special Liaison

Vanguard Media – Project Management and Human Interface Design
Michael Pinto – Project Manager, Screen Design, Art Direction
Brian Cirulnick – Technical Manager, Video Toaster expert
Dov Hechtman – Video Toaster and Photoshop
Sheldon Mills – Photoshop, Screen Shots
Nick Kent – Photoshop (retouching)
Dave Copcutt – Video Toaster and Photoshop

Safire Software – QuickTime and CD-ROM
Mark Safire

Premiere Graphics International – Macromind Lingo Programming
D.J. Hacker

Integrated Media – Windows version of Catalog Program
Alan Hochman

DG•IT – Sound Design and FX
Nick Kent

Adobe Systems Inc. – Photoshop Try-Out
Steven I. Guttman – Product Marketing Manager

Raxsoft – GDS (PC Targa viewer program)
Paul Schmidt

Vision Software – MovieTime for showing QuickTime

Special Thanks
Mark Altschul – Legal Advice
William Lee – Japanimation Help
Ralph Quimby – Japanimation Help
Robert Fenelon – Japanimation Help
Gerald Moriarty – Japanimation Help
Richard Moriarty – Japanimation Help
Bill Morrison – Windows Advice
Michael Ling – PC Advice
Bob Montgomery – PC Advice
Pam Sansburg – CD-ROM Advice
Carmen Yancey – CD-ROM Advice
Jane Brady – CD-ROM Advice
Craig Owen – Beta-tester on the spot….

* * Not only was it kind of Adobe and Raxsoft to let us use their
software – but their software was really good! Forgive the plugs but
Photoshop is the best image program I have ever worked with – and
GDS is a great PC utility. I urge every serious user to purchase both
– I was VERY happy with each. Also Vision Software (who makes
MovieTime) makes CameraMan – a real neat program that allows you
to make QuickTime movies of your desktop on the Mac – a little gem
of a program that every QuickTime fan should have.

…ah yes the good old days!

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