Attention Fanboys: Yi So-yeon is Single!

Posted by Michael Pinto on Mar 11, 2008 in Fandom |

Yi So-yeon 이소연

Oh sure anyone can date an actress who plays an astronaut or space alien on a TV! But how about dating a real life astronaut? Only a small lucky handful of folks from each generation get to travel into the great unknown — and then those few are almost always boring married jocks or semi-retired software geeks.

Well fanboys your dream has come true: It seems that South Korea has picked Yi So-yeon (이소연), 29 to fly to the International Space Station in April! Not only is Ms. Yi single, but she’s also a Ph. D student as well (girls with glasses always get passes in our book!). And as if that weren’t cool enough she’s a martial arts expert too (am I dreaming this?) — in fact she’s an advanced practitioner of taekwondo. And so far this all that we know about her — so one can’t rule out Ms. Yi playing video games in her spare time, being an avid manga reader, going on James Bond type vacations to battle evil secret organizations or having secret powers.

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