Goth Lolitas to Teach Otaku Nerds

Posted by Michael Pinto on Mar 26, 2008 in Fandom |

goth lolitas

They should bring this concept over to America to teach Japanese:

Wanted: Gothic geeks to teach English to otaku nerds

“Geek ghetto Akihabara has become the site of Cosplish, Japan’s first English conversation school featuring cosplaying foreigner teachers dressed in wacky costumes, according to Cyzo (April).

Cosplaying teachers are told to teach students how to use simple, “broken” English, while the school also plans to give instructions on “Otaku English,” using mostly abbreviations, and “Anime English,” which will focus on English instructions of famous lines from cartoons like Gundam.

Founder Akihiro Suzuki figured opposites would attract and started Cosplish. “Otaku are known for their incredible customer loyalty, while schools are known for their trouble in getting customers to keep on coming back, so I figured a school for cosplayers would achieve the perfect blend,” Suzuki tells Cyzo.”

Photos found via japanvisitor and japanlinked.

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