Guy Robot: Retro Remixed

Posted by Michael Pinto on Mar 27, 2008 in Hobbies and Collections |

Guy Robot

I’ve always admired art from clutter! And these robots are quite charming at that:

Guy Robot

“Each Guy Robot is a one-of-a-kind handmade creation. The piece parts that go into each Guy Robot flow from a range of industrial tributaries: aerospace and avionics surplus suppliers, automotive salvage yards, long-haul microwave equipment recyclers, decommissioned plumbing and refrigeration remnants, vintage hand-tool swap-meet winnings. And, yes, truth be told, sometimes the perfect Guy Robot find is that gem that is spotted and rescued from among the flotsam hauled to the curb by the neighbors and otherwise destined for final disposal.”

Shown above are Shock who urges you to spay or neuter your pets, and Euclid who remains shy about discussing his special surveillance capablities.

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