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Posted by Michael Pinto on Apr 25, 2008 in Comic Books |

Comic Book Tattoo cover by Jason 'Stuntkid' Levesque

I’ve always felt that Tori Amos was a second rate Kate Bush! This isn’t to say that Tori isn’t talented, in fact she has a great voice. But yet again Tori is coming in second place by copying Courtney Love by jumping on the “sirens who want to cash in on manga” trend. However judging by the fact that Tori is in my iTunes library maybe this isn’t a bad thing?

Shown above is the cover for the upcoming book Comic Book Tattoo (click on the image to see it full sized) which is slated for release in July from Image Comics, and as much as I love to slag poor Tori — the book looks very promising! The cover illustration by Jason “Stuntkid” Levesque looks wonderful, and over 80 artists and writers are contributing to the project including an introduction by Neil Gaiman. So I’d have to admit that Tori is rising on my charts. The limited edition of the book will set back hardcore fanboys for about $150 while non-Tori fanboys like myself can get away with $30 for the softcover edition.

And as for this fanboy I deeply wish that Kate Bush join the “sirens with manga” trend!

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