His Superhero Secret Power is Cholesterol!

Posted by Michael Pinto on Apr 1, 2008 in Comic Books |


Browsing through Waffle Whiffer’s Flickr site I came across the cover of Adventures of Big Boy #137 from 1968 which is shown on the left. The first thing that shocked me was that they had already done over a hundred issues by the 60s, but by further hunting around I came across the cover on the right from 1971 — so I sort of assumed that the comic book had come to an end.

However much to my shock I found out that not only is Big Boy still alive and kicking, but his current savior is none other than talented illustrator/toy genius Craig Yoe:

Big Deal on Big Boy Street: An Interview with Craig Yoe

“We’ve tried hard to be inspired by the great comics we read when we were kids—from Carl Barks’ Uncle Scrooge to John Stanley’s Little Lulu, not to mention the wacky [Superman’s Pal] Jimmy Olsen stories of the ’50s and ’60s. Along that line, a couple of years ago I came up with Bob Boy as a superhero: Bigger Boy. We often feature Bigger Boy, and now he’s part of a superhero group with Dolly, his friend Zack, and Nugget, his dog. Assembled, they are the Big League!”

P.S. Full Disclosure: I’m a vegetarian…

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