Meet the Tomy Robots of 1984

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Tomy Robots - Omnibot from 1984

From page ten of the Montgomery Ward Christmas Catalog from 1984:

“Meet the Tomy Robots. Omnibot is a sophisticated butler who amazes children and adults alike with his charm and intelligence.”

Omnibot is shown above and below, also featured were Verbot which “recognizes his mater’s voice” and Dingbot who “always seems a bit confused”. Omnibot featured a remote control, alarm clock and an audio cassette player and cost $224 if you order him before December 3rd, 1984.

Tomy Robots - Omnibot from 1984 serving popcorn

Here’s Verbot who responds to your voice commands:

Tomy Robots - Verbot from 1984

And lastly this is Dingbot who didn’t do much — but to be fair only cost $9.99:

Tomy Robots - Dingbot from 1984

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