Congratulations to George Takei

Posted by Michael Pinto on May 20, 2008 in Star Trek |

George Takei

What I’ve always liked about the original Star Trek series is that it represented a very progressive view of the world — not only could we travel to the stars, but all nations could be at peace and the world could be a better place. George Takei is an amazing man, at age 5 he was placed in an internment camp with his family during World War II and he’s had exceptional longevity as an actor appearing in everything from two Jerry Lewis comedies to the action packed MacGyver TV series (and most recently on Heroes). So this fanboy wishes him and Brad Altman the very best:

Gay wedding for Star Trek’s Takei

“US actor George Takei is to wed his long-term partner after California lifted its ban on same-sex marriage. Takei, 71, best known for playing Mr Sulu in Star Trek, said he and Brad Altman were going through the “delicious dilemma” of where to marry. The actor and 54-year-old Mr Altman have been together for 21 years. “We can have the dignity, as well as all the responsibilities, of marriage. We embrace it all heartily,” Takei wrote on his website.”

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