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Explainers: The Complete Village Voice Strips (1956-1966) (Hardcover) by Jules Feifffer

Jules Feiffer has done it all: He wrote for Will Eisner’s Outer Space Spirit, illustrated the classic children’s book The Phantom Tollbooth and an extract from his book The Great Comic Book Heroes was used by Quentin Tarantino in the film Kill Bill. However he’s best know to me and a few generations of comic book fans for his Pulitzer Prize winning work in the the Village Voice here in New York.

So I was very pleased to find out that Fantagraphics will be publishing a collection of Feifffer’s early work for the Voice, the book will be titled Explainers: The Complete Village Voice Strips (1956-1966). Here’s a description from the publisher:

“In 1956, a relatively unknown cartoonist by the name of Jules Feiffer started contributing a strip to the only alternative weekly published in the US, a small radical newspaper called The Village Voice. His strip tackled just about every issue, private and public, that affected the sentient American: relationships, sexuality, love, family, parents, children, psychoanalysis, neuroses, presidents, politicians, media, race, class, labor, religiion, foreign policy, war, and one or two other existential questions. It was the first time that the American public had been subjected to a weekly dose of comics that so uncompromisingly and wittily confronted individuals’ private fears and society’s public transgressions.”

Here are some samples from the book (click on to view at full size):

Explainers: The Complete Village Voice Strips (1956-1966) (Hardcover) by Jules Feifffer

Explainers: The Complete Village Voice Strips (1956-1966) (Hardcover) by Jules Feifffer

And here is Mr. Feiffer at his drafting table in 1958:

Jules Ralph Feiffer

Found via comicsreporter.com.

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