Life on Jupiter’s Moon Europa?

Posted by Michael Pinto on May 19, 2008 in Science |

 Jupiter's Moon Europa

Scientists have been thinking that there may be life on Europa for sometime now, and this is a good sign that this might could become a reality:

Wandering Poles Left Scars On Jupiter’s Moon Europa: Could Life Exist Beneath Icy Crust?

“Curved features on Jupiter’s moon Europa may indicate that its poles have wandered by almost 90°, report scientists from the Carnegie Institution, Lunar and Planetary Institute, and University of California, Santa Cruz in the 15 May issue of Nature. Such an extreme shift suggests the existence of an internal liquid ocean beneath the icy crust, which could help build the case for Europa as possible habitat for extraterrestrial life.

The study has implications for liquid water inside Europa. Scientists have hypothesized that Europa has an extensive subsurface ocean based on spacecraft photos that revealed its fractured, icy surface. The ocean beneath the crust would be kept liquid by heat generated by tidal forces from Jupiter’s gravity. The presence of heat and water may make life possible, even though the subsurface ocean is cut off from solar energy.”

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