NYC Mayor More Worried About a Grand Theft Auto IV than Terrorism

Posted by Michael Pinto on May 3, 2008 in Videogames |

nNYC Mayor Threatened by a Videogame

When you’re mayor of New York City there are so many real things to worry about like terrorism, the economy, a deteriorating infrastructure, unaffordable housing for the middle class, improving our impoverished public school system and the recent disturbing Sean Bell case.

Q. So what does New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg worry about the most?

A. The videogame Grand Theft Auto IV!

Rants Begin Against Grand Theft Auto IV

“As was the case with the previous games in the series, activist groups, police, politicians, and surviving victims of violence criticized Grand Theft Auto IV last week, beginning shortly after the game was launched nationwide. Regarding the game’s violence, the NYPD association president Pat Lynch told the New York Daily News on Wednesday that, “being involved in a shootout in a video game has no consequences and that is the wrong message to send to young people.”

New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg and the mother of a killed NYPD officer echoed similar sentiments in the same report, saying GTA IV “doesn’t exactly teach the kind of things that you’d want to teach your kids,” or more descriptively put, “teaches children to kill”.”

…Clearly Grand Theft Auto IV is clearly not aimed at children. Granted the game in question isn’t the most uplifting one, but the cheap political trick of blaming the media for violence is an old one and I’d prefer to see a mayor who was more focused on the real world. It should also be mentioned that Bloomberg played a major role in making sure Iraq war protesters were locked up in jail during the 2004 Republican Convention here in New York — which clearly tells our kids that those who want peace are wrong.

To me the definition of unpatriotic is a politician or newscaster who wears an American flag pin and yammers on about imaginary threats when were cheating our kids out of a quality future by underfunding their education. And never mind their parents who are worried about real issues like being able to pay their rent or the rising costs of everyday items like a quart of milk. Mayor Bloomberg we don’t need you to be a cultural critical, if we did we’d bring back Rudy Giuliani.

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