Parody Preview: Ms. Marvel #27

Posted by Michael Pinto on May 24, 2008 in Comic Books |

Parody Preview: Ms. Marvel #27

On May 29th Ms. Marvel #27 hits the newsstands! While I like the technique that Greg Horn is using in the above cover illustration the subject matter just looks so damn silly to me with the contrast of the blazing fire and the sexy superhero pose in the foreground. I’m not sure just who Marvel is trying to target with this book: Is it female teen manga readers who hate comic book stores? Or is it twentysomething guys who don’t want to date the Supergirl next door? Marvel should just make this book a comedy title, just look at this cute clich├ęd description:

“There is a Skrull in Lightning Storm’s midst. There is a secret truth to the life of Ms. Marvel’s lover, William Wagner. Something happens between Ms. Marvel and Wonder Man that can never be undone. And an era comes to an explosive end in a pivotal moment in the life of the most important woman in the Marvel Universe.”

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