The Ultimate Captain Kirk

Posted by Michael Pinto on May 8, 2008 in Star Trek |

The Ultimate Captain Kirk

Yes I know that there were quite a few talented folks who made Star Trek great, and I’ll grant you that he has a huge ego — but I feel like William Shatner is being treated like crap by not including him in this upcoming Star Trek film. Don’t tell me that they can bring back Nimoy for a leading role but they can’t work a 5 minute future flashback into the damn script?

Adding insult to injury is the Star Trek Ultimate Captain Kirk 1:4 Scale Figure which looks like a bad cartoon sculpture of Shatner. Of course I’ll grant you that Paramount has never had the same approach to quality merchandise that say Lucasfilm has had with Star Wars, but I think that they could do a little bit better on the small and big things that count to us fanboys.

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