The Ultimate Wall-E

Posted by Michael Pinto on May 8, 2008 in Hobbies and Collections |

The Ultimate WALL-E

I have to admit that I had my doubts about Disney-Pixar’s upcoming movie WALL-E, although slowly my mind is being changed on the subject. For starters a friend who saw a few clips at the recent New York Comic Con told me that he was blown away with the quality of the work that he viewed. And today I could sense the buzz building up as I spotted a poster for the film on a bus shelter here in NYC.

Shown above is the Ultimate WALL-E which will sell for $190 this summer. This interactive robot comes with a remote controller and sensors that’ll allow him to respond to his environment in numerous ways, including obstacle, sound, and touch detection. This fanboy thinks that this looks like a fun toy and makes me look forward to finding out more about the film.

Found via gearlog.

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