Star Trek: To Boldly Not Allow Embedding

Posted by Michael Pinto on Jun 11, 2008 in Star Trek |

Star Trek: To Boldly Not Allow Embedding

The Good News: CBS now has all of the original Star Trek episodes online!

The Bad News: You can’t embed them into your blog!

Old media just doesn’t get it — and the “it” is economics. On the web page views equal cash, so if nobody can find your video you won’t do so well. You’d think with an army of Star Trek fanboys allowing embedding would be obvious, but to me it’s just another sign of old media not understanding the medium. I also wish that CBS had done a deal with YouTube — as a brand CBS is dead to me because it’s a TV network which is something I make it a point to skip when channel surfing (and I’m an old guy!). There’s something quite sad when a show about the future is married to people stuck in the past.

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