Why Amy Winehouse Has To Be Dr. Who

Posted by Michael Pinto on Jul 22, 2008 in Dr. Who |

Miss Dr. Who: Amy Winehouse

I recently came across a video (see below) which was reacting to an interview with a former writer from Dr, Who who was claiming that Amy Winehouse would make a great Time Lord. While the video blogger in question hated the idea of his beloved character being turned into a mere singer, as a longtime fanboy I approve of the idea with all my heart. Here’s why Amy Winehouse needs to be the next Dr. Who:

1. Tom Baker proved that Dr. Who is about being eccentric: Who else besides Amy has any personality these days in the entire UK?

2. Dr. Who has turned into yet another brand of sci-fi dog food and something needs to be done to reinvent the series. This isn’t about having slick special effects — that was never the point of the show! Only Amy can jump start the show into something interesting.

3. The entire point of Dr. Who is that he isn’t a he! A Time Lord isn’t a human but an alien after all — the next shape that the good Doctor takes on should be a surprise. In fact expecting Dr. Who to be yet another guy is in itself sexist. In fact while we’re on the subject why is Dr. Who always a white dude?

4. While it’s true that Amy lacks any formal acting skills I think a good writer could work with that. It comes down to can she make the character believable? I think given the right scripts and proper straight-man sidekicks that she could pull it off.

5. Some fans may object to Amy’s speaking voice which is seen as “working class” — again this is classic British snobbery! What rule is there at Dr. Who has a degree from Cambridge and goes fox hunting on weekends? First knowing Amy’s vocal range I think she could do anything with that amazing voice — but why not have the character sound street smart for a change? And again I believe that a good script writer could make this work.

6. Some parents might be concerned that Amy is the wrong sort of role model for youth. But when has Dr. Who even been about being a role model? The entire idea behind his character is that he is a non-conformist that does things his own way. You’re talking about a character who travels around in a telephone box — this isn’t about being a role model.

7. Amy has the best facial expressions! In his heart of hearts Tom Baker always had that element of being a silent screen actor, so much of his acting was physical — his facial expressions were always amazing. We already know that Amy can pull this off from her music videos — there some dangerous about her eyes that would work very well with the character.

8. Being a Time Lord is about dealing with stress! Amy knows this scene first hand, for she has lived it. Amy’s own struggle is to keep her world in balance — I thinks he can bring this energy to the small screen.

9. Back in the day you could tell who Dr. Who was by what he was wearing, this character was never about slick raincoats or looking dashing but standing out and being different. Amy has a sense of fashion and knows how to wear clothing — in that way she’s iconic. I think even if you took away her beehive hairstyle that her strong individuality would come through with the right wardrobe.

10. Amy is already an international star and that would help open up the audience of the show. Dr. Who doesn’t have to be a show stuck on the Sci Fi channel — it can be a series worthy of being on HBO or Showtime.

In fact I’ll go on record to state the following: Without Amy being the next Dr. Who you can shove the show into the rubbish heap of mediocrity. And here’s the video that inspired me:

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