Lion Cosplay Urban Vinyl Moe Figurine

Posted by Michael Pinto on Aug 28, 2008 in Hobbies and Collections |

Nendroid Saber Lion Figure

Even though I’m a vegetarian the sight of this cute little lion cosplay figurine brought a smile to my face! I guess if I buy this goodie I’ll have to pretend that her meat chop is made out of tofu:

Nendroid Saber Lion Figure

“In the Fate/Tiger Colosseum game, the cast of Fate/Stay Night is shrunken, deformed, and shifted into toddler-like versions of themselves. Archer is lanky in his full-size form but he’s a chubby little punk in the Colosseum. Similarly, Saber’s normally lean and mean but in her Coloseum turn, she does “Lion Cosplay” and whacks her enemies with a bone-inl meat chop. ”

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