New Star Trek Posters

Posted by Michael Pinto on Aug 13, 2008 in Star Trek |

Star Trek Posters - all characters

Confession time: I’ll admit it that I’m a grumpy old fanboy when it comes to the fact that William Shatner won’t be in the upcoming Star Trek film, but I have to say that Paramount is doing a great job of fan outreach. Thanks to their webmaster program I’ve managed to get some copies of posters for the upcoming film. Above is the main poster (click on them to see at full size), below is a version with “Kirk” (quotes used out of respect to William Shatner):

Star Trek Poster Kirk

Below is Uhura:

Star Trek Poster Uhura

Below is Nero (who is looking a bit too much like Darth Maul for my tastes):

Star Trek Poster Nero

Here is Dr. McCoy (Bones!):

Star Trek Poster McCoy

And last but not least Scotty:

SStar Trek Poster Scotty

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