The Muppet Show Set for a Remake?

Posted by Michael Pinto on Aug 29, 2008 in Animation |

The Muppet Show

I always preferred the Muppet TV show to any of the movies (the humor works better on the small screen) — but so much of what made that show work was the contemporary humor and the amazing guests. While it still looks this show may or may not happen, but it would be interesting to see how they’d re-invent the show:

Muppet Show to return to TV after 27 years
Kermit the frog and friends could return in the first new Muppet Show TV series for 27 years.

“The Jim Henson-created characters may be on their way back thanks to a new Disney Film. In the movie, written by Forgetting Sarah Marshall star and writer Jason Segel, the Muppets reunite to save their studio with one last variety show. Should the film go well, it opens up the possibility of a television programme, also written by 28-year-old Segel.”

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