Card Cheating Caprica Cylon Action Figurine

Posted by Michael Pinto on Sep 11, 2008 in Battlestar Galactica |

New Caprica Cylon Action Figure

At heart I’m still an old school Galactica fanboy — and to be honest I only watched the show back in the day because there wasn’t much of anything else on except for Star Trek re-runs from the 60s. But you lucky new school fanboys get to have all the fun:

New Caprica Cylon Action Figure

“Cylon Centurions are just about the meanest thing in the galaxy. They cheat at cards, they frequently punch puppies, and they never, NEVER wash their hands after going to the toilet. Oh, and they have armor-piercing projectile weapons built into each arm; that’s pretty mean, too. And these New Caprica Cylons are even meaner – you can tell by their darker color scheme. The darker color separates them from their less meaner (but still pretty ornery) cousins. It also makes this one awesome ThinkGeek exclusive action figure if you’re trying to “collect them all”.”

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