First Multi-Touch Game: Touchgrind

Posted by Michael Pinto on Sep 11, 2008 in Videogames |

First Multi-Touch Game: Touchgrind

I’ve noticed that amongst gaming fanboy that many folks just aren’t taking the iPhone seriously as a gaming platform. In their mind they associate Steve Jobs with the Mac, but what they tend to forget is that once upon a time that the Apple ][ was THE game machine, so games are very much apart of Apple’s DNA. I think also think that people forget that great games are about great game play at the end of the day, and specifically that videogames are about coming up with innovative ways to have fun with the hardware rather than just rendering more vectors. Right now the iPhone seems like a mere toy in the world of gaming hardware — but I’d say that we should all keep a careful eye on this dark horse platform:

Illusion Labs creates world’s first iPhone multi-touch game

“In a world first, Illusion Labs has created a multi-touch skate game for the iPhone: Touchgrind. The game is unique in that finger gestures are used for control, similar to the motion of the legs and feet on a real skateboard. Touchgrind will be available in the App Store in October 2008.”

And here’s a great demo of Touchgrind worth checking out:

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