Haumea is Hawaiian for ‘Pluto Humiliation’

Posted by Michael Pinto on Sep 20, 2008 in Science |


Look at this damn rock shown above, the newly named Haumea isn’t even round! Yet she’s lumped in there with Pluto which has been sadly demoted from being a planet. Just to rub it in the mythological references for Haumea (Hawaiian goddess of childbirth and fertility) that I couldn’t find any authentic folk art drawings of her — yet she’s placed up there next to Pluto who sports his own Disney mascot: I tell you the International Astronomical Union have no respect:

Controversial dwarf planet finally named ‘Haumea’

“After years of dispute, the last unnamed dwarf planet in the solar system has finally gotten a name. It will be called Haumea, after the goddess of childbirth and fertility in Hawaiian mythology. The International Astronomical Union, which announced the new moniker on Wednesday, has struggled with naming the object, because two teams have laid claim to its discovery.”

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