Kimura Kaela: Lucido-L Advert

Posted by Michael Pinto on Sep 3, 2008 in Japanese TV |

Shown above is J-pop diva and actress Kaela Kimura (木村カエラ) in an advert for Lucido-L which is a line of hair care products. Kaela was born in Tokyo and her mom is Japanese and her dad is British and she started modeling back in 2002 for the the Japanese idol magazine Seventeen. I really like her swinging 60s look in this ad and the nice use of color. Below is a “making of” spot on the commercial:

My friend Nick Kent emailed me this interesting insight:

About Kimura Kaela: She became famous from (formerly) being on the low budget kids TV show “Saku Saku” (plenty on youtube). They had surprise big ratings from adults. My theory is besides being cute she put up with all sorts of puppet nonsense and bad behavior which surely qualifies her as ideal girlfriend material. Saku Saku seems to have gone through a repeat of the Howdy Doody syndrome where it became more popular than anyone expected and some of those involved realized they were getting a bad deal.

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