Lucky Star: Jet Stream Attack!

Posted by Michael Pinto on Sep 28, 2008 in Animation |

Super Mega Special Mecha Awesome Chocolate-Dipped Shining Flaming Glowing Incredible Serve! Shown above is a clip from the new Lucky Star OVA which was just released in Japan. While on the surface the show is a comedy, what I’ve always admired about the series is that doesn’t mean that the characters are flat like a typical sitcom.

This scene is a good example: There’s a volleyball showdown that makes many references to various pop culture references, but under that there is the touch of getting inside the mind of Tsukasa Hiiragi who is the younger sister of Kagami. After getting knocked down Tsukasa grows up a little bit and dusts herself off to try and beat her older sister — in Hollywood this would be the turning point and the loser would become the winner. However the writers still make her lose, but now she can dream of the future day of not being in her sister’s shadow.

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