Baby Bang Births Solar System

Posted by Michael Pinto on Oct 4, 2008 in Science |

Dust and Rubble (2004)

It’s interesting to think that the birth of our solar system may mirror the birth of the universe itself:

Our Solar System Born in ‘Little Bang’

“First there was the theoretical Big Bang that got the universe going. Several billion years passed. Then a Little Bang birthed our solar system. At least scientists have long thought that’s how it went, and now they have a computer model to back up the idea that our sun is the product of an explosive event. The new modeling finds that a supernova, or exploding star, could indeed have triggered birth of our sun in a dense cloud of gas and dust, the researchers say.

Stars are born when a cloud of material collapses. Exactly what triggers the collapse is not entirely known. One idea is that most stars, including perhaps our sun, were created in dense starbirth regions when another very massive star explodes, putting intense pressure on surrounding clouds.”

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