Runaway Brain Mickey Mouse

Posted by Michael Pinto on Oct 3, 2008 in Animation |

Mickey Mouse in Runaway Brain W-Size

When Mickey Mouse first stepped out he was a little bit cute, but he was also a bit of a devil too — but sadly over the years Disney would transform poor Mickey into saccharine sweetie that we know today. But I have to admit that Disney is now starting to let outside artists have fun with their brand which is a breath of fresh air after years of cute kitsch merchandise:

Mickey Mouse in Runaway Brain W-Size

“Medicom’s Runaway Brain figure has been around for a few years now in two variants which were small toys measuring 15cm or 5.90″in length. The company has announced another variant which doubles the size of the figure to 30cm and quadruples the price. We’re guessing this is one that’s targeted solely at serious collectors.”

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