Start Trekkin: To Goof Boldly Where No Fan Has Gone Before…

Posted by Michael Pinto on Oct 10, 2008 in Star Trek |

To me there will never be anything quite as fun as the original Star Trek series, so it makes my heart happy to see a new generation having a bit of fun with the old school crew right here in New York City:

Start Trekkin

“Start Trekkin is in fact the greatest comedy experience you will ever have. Each episode is a fully improvised explosion of the Universe created by Star Trek. A new crew and a new ship explore the universe every time, taking on the single most exciting problems sentient life has ever encountered. This is a full hour-length narrative created before your very eyes and based on your suggestions.”

By the way if you’re on Facebook you can join their fan club here! I’m sure they’ll be announcing some new stardates shortly…

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