Ouch! Aren’t Astronauts Only Suppose to Drink Tang?

Posted by Michael Pinto on Nov 16, 2008 in Science |

Will astronauts be drinking their own urine?

Up until this moment I always regretted not being an astronaut — but the idea of having to drink urine to explore outer space is giving me second thoughts:

NASA astronauts to drink their own urine

“As NASA prepared to double the number of astronauts living aboard the International Space Station, nothing did more for crew bonding than a machine being launched aboard the space shuttle Endeavour on Friday. It’s a water-recycling device that will process the crew’s urine for communal consumption. “We did blind taste tests of the water,” said NASA’s Bob Bagdigian, the system’s lead engineer. “Nobody had any strong objections. Other than a faint taste of iodine, it is just as refreshing as any other kind of water”.”

Note to self: Never volunteer for any sort of NASA blind taste tests…

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