Can Bill Richardson Help NASA and Space Commercialization?

Posted by Michael Pinto on Nov 24, 2008 in Science |

Gov. Bill Richardson and President Elect Barack Obama - and the New Mexico Spaceport

Supporters of NASA and the commercial space industry are taking a close look to what the Obama administration will bring. The last few years with the Bush administration have been a disappointment to say the least, so many of us are looking for a fresh break. Early on in the Democratic primaries Obama indicated that he wouldn’t push manned space exploration, but that stand changed later in the race. And now it’s looking like New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson will be heading to the Obama cabinet as commerce secretary. This may be really good news as Richardson is very pro-space. As Governor in New Mexico he’s been pushing for Spaceport America which would act as a launching point for a commercial space industry.

With this in mind I was very encouraged to read this quote from Richardson, it give me a great deal of hope for the next eight years:

Obama Vetting Bill Richardson, Space Enthusiast

“During a press gab session, Richardson was asked about any possible post he might play in an Obama White House. The New Mexico governor played it a little coy, but said: “Here’s what I want to be sure of … that the Obama administration is pro-commercial space … that the administration is pro-space, pro-government space, pro-commercial space,” Richardson observed.

Richardson said that “it’s in the interest of our national space industry that commercial space could properly develop … so I will be an advocate wherever I am … hopefully here, still as governor of New Mexico … you never know.” So hold onto those words, commercial space fans!”

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