Monsters vs. Aliens vs. King Kong vs. Godzilla and Godzuki

Posted by Michael Pinto on Nov 6, 2008 in Animation |

Before I start trashing this trailer for Monsters vs. Aliens there are two things that I’ll admit to upfront (but if you’re a fanboy how could you blame me?):

1. Dreamworks has always been second banana to Pixar, and I’m not talking Coke vs. Pepsi but more like Coke vs. C&C Cola. In other words: If you thought that Shrek was good you don’t know what you;re talking about (unless by good you mean box office of course).

2. At this point in time if you’re going to do a CGI film you better damn well be ready to blow me out of the water because I’ve seen it all before — or — at least have a unique look for the film that I haven’t seen before.

Now I’m glad I got that out of the way! On paper the concept for this film sounds good, but alas the devil is in the details and from what I see here Dreamworks is determined to ummmm — well that’s a good question?

The trailer doesn’t make me laugh because the characters already seem bland. Of course they could have gone in the other direction and give this film the anime treatment and made it crammed with interesting mecha and give you a world you’ve never seen before. But instead what we get here is a pale animated copy of Mars Attacks! without Tim Burton directing.

The main question that I have is why is this film animated? If you’re trying to do comedy it might have been funnier with a low budget live action approach of guys in rubber suits smashing things ala King Kong vs. Godzilla. But instead what you get is yet another bland CGI film that looks like something we’ve seen before…

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