Secret Smuggling Compartments Included! But Snooping Stormtroopers Sold Separately…

Posted by Michael Pinto on Nov 3, 2008 in Star Wars |

Star Wars Millennium Falcon Toy

As a child recall a cheaply made Millennium Falcon toy that was cute, but I would have traded that clunker for this ship in a second. Now granted you’ll blow about $230, but this Millennium Falcon includes everything from secret smuggling compartments to an illuminated dejarik table with holo monsters:

The Most Awesomest Falcon Ever

“Really, this toy has it all. Loads of movie accurate sounds and lights (the engine start up will even randomly “fail” just like the real ship!), multiple firing projectiles, removable panels for in-ship play, a never-before-made/seen dockable mini-fighter, and bantha-buttloads more. You can recreate virtually every movie scene inside it too, as it’s so roomy. So, gather up your Star Wars figures and clear off your bed – it’s time to play with the big toys! May the force be with you.”

Here’s the Falcon in action:

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