Turok, Son of Stone: If Sara Palin Wrote a Comic Book…

Posted by Michael Pinto on Nov 8, 2008 in Comic Books |

Turok: Son of Stone

I’m sorry I couldn’t help myself with that headline! But the sight of cowboys and indians hanging out with dinosaurs (well minus the cowboys) brought Sarah Palin’s creationism to my mind right away. However that shouldn’t take dissuade you from checking out Turok: Son of Stone whuch will be coming out in February 2009 from Dark Horse.

For those of you who don’t know Turok he was a comic book character first illustrated by Rex Maxon for Dell Comics in 1954. However our hero (who was a Native American) then graduated to his own book Turok, Son of Stone in the Gold Key Comics line in 1962. Sine then Turok has starred in everything from videogames to books:

Turok: Son Of Stone Archives Volume 1

“If you know that “honkers” means “dinosaurs,” this is the archive collection you’ve been waiting for! This deluxe collection contains the first six issues of Turok, Son of Stone: Dell Four Color Comics #596 and #656; issues #3-#6 of the Turok series. Two young American Indians stumble upon a valley where the creatures of Earth’s prehistoric past still thrive. Cut off from their tribe, Turok and Andar must find a way to survive attacks from deadly honkers and encounters with savage bands of cavemen, holding out hope that one day they will discover a way back home…”

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