Too Art for TV 3: The Fine Art Side of the NYC Animation Industry

Posted by Michael Pinto on Dec 7, 2008 in Animation |

The 2 art 4 T.V. Show: Kelly Denato

This Friday was the opening night for Too Art for TV 3 which is the third annual fine art exhibit which features the work of professionals in New York City’s animation business. The show is running until December 15th at the Erebuni gallery which is located at 158 Roebling Street in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

What makes this show one of my favorites is that unlike so much fine art which takes itself too seriously this exhibit always has a strong sense of humor and whimsy. The show is the brainchild of Liz Artinian who is both a fine artist and veteran of a wide range of animated series from Daria to The Venture Brothers.

Shown above is a painting by Brooklyn based Kelly Denato who has done work for Sesame Workshop and Cartoon Network. Below is a sculpture by Christopher Beaumont which reminded me a great deal of the Memphis design movement from the 80s.

The 2 art 4 T.V. Show: Christopher Beaumont

This wonderful painting is by Dagan Moriarty who has worked in the animation industry for over ten years as a character desiger, animator and art director:

The 2 art 4 T.V. Show: Dagan Moriarty

This is one of several robot sculptures by David Lipson. There’s a real magic to how Lipson has taken every day objects and brings them to life:

The 2 art 4 T.V. Show: David Lipson

This apocalyptic painting by Chris George has a very cinematic flavor to it, although the anime inspired robot and cartoon skull on the mushroom cloud makes the work very inviting:

The 2 art 4 T.V. Show: Chris George

To view this painting by Todd K Lown you needed to use a pair of 3D glasses, although without the 3D effect his work has a nice Kandinsky flavor to it:

The 2 art 4 T.V. Show: Todd K Lown

This mural sized drawing by Christy Karacas had an amazing amount of detail in it, this photo graph doesn’t quite do his drawing any justice (which is one of the reasons you should see the show in person if you can):

The 2 art 4 T.V. Show: Christy Karacas

The above photos just show a fraction of the show — if you’re in town the gallery would be well worth a visit.


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