Russians Accuse Anime of Promoting Pedophilia Propaganda

Posted by Michael Pinto on Dec 8, 2008 in Animation |

GTO -- Great Teacher Onizuka

What’s interesting about this is that the Deputy Dean of Russian Literature and Intercultural Communication at the Pushkin Institute of Russian in Moscow (how’s that for a cool job title?) feels that the show doesn’t promote pedophilia in an outright way, but does so subjectively with humor (i.e. it’s subversive!):

‘Teacher’ scolds Russian network
Adult Animation channel accused of pedophilia

“Russian adult animation channel 2X2 is under fire again from screen watchdogs who claim its anime series, “GTO — Great Teacher Onizuka,” promotes pedophilia. The channel came close to losing its broadcast license in October after allegations that cartoons including “South Park,” “Happy Tree Friends” and “The Adventures of Big Jeff” were too violent for younger viewers. “GTO,” about a 22-year-old ex-criminal gang member who becomes a teacher in Japan hoping to bed his pupils’ attractive mothers, is produced by Studio Pierrot and Aniplex, a Japanese anime and music production and distribution enterprise owned by Sony Music Entertainment (Japan).”

Seen below is a subversive student from Great Teacher Onizuka:

GTO -- Great Teacher Onizuka

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