Warning: Videogamers Are NOT Addicts

Posted by Michael Pinto on Dec 3, 2008 in Videogames |

Angry German Kid

The good news is that psychiatrists are now claiming that videogamers aren’t addicts, but the bad news is that they’re seeing our fellow fanboys as a “social problem” and are using the age old cliché of laying the blame on society and parents:

Compulsive gamers ‘not addicts’

“Ninety per cent of the young people who seek treatment for compulsive computer gaming are not addicted. So says Keith Bakker the founder and head of Europe’s first and only clinic to treat gaming addicts. The Smith & Jones Centre in Amsterdam has treated hundreds of young gamers since the clinic opened in 2006. But the clinic is changing its treatment as it realises that compulsive gaming is a social rather than a psychological problem.”


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