Imitation iPhone Infomercial from China

Posted by Michael Pinto on Jan 26, 2009 in Tech |

The fake iPhones from China are getting much better as time goes on! It should be noted that this is the second (or maybe third?) generation of iClones to hit the markets in China and each time they seem to get better. What’s impressive about this version is that not only does it sport an Apple logo (much improved without that pesky bite mark) but the touch interface looks like the real deal:

Fake iPhone from China: Notice how good the interface is!

In fact I found this other video of the fax iPhone in action and if it weren’t for lawsuits you’d wish that iClone makers here in the States (yes we’re talking about you Palm) would do half as a good as a job as this:

Getting back to the infomercial I’ll say this much: Not only am I impressed with the high level of quality put into the iPhone clone, but even the production values of this informercial look impressive! Most American infomercials are so low budget looking and the hosts look like slobs in t-shirts but the Chinese host of this look like they’re hosting an awards ceremony:

Fake Chinese iPhone Infomercial

Found via Dana L. Coe.

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