Letter from an Apple Fanboy

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Letter from an Apple Fanboy

January 6, 2009

Letter from an Apple Fanboy

Dear Steve Jobs,

For an entire decade you’ve given it your all — not just to turn around the company we love, but to make computing fun, sexy and exciting again.

Unfortunately we’re going to be bummed that we can’t watch you give yet another amazing keynote at Macworld this year — but as adults we know that there are bigger things in life.

We also realize that while you are a rockstar to us geeks, that even rockstars deserve to have some privacy every now and then. Everyone needs to realize that behind the public face you are a real person who deserves to be treated with respect — which means not be gossiped about or gawked at.

It also means that you shouldn’t feel pressured to share every little detail about your health. And we realize that having cared so much about Apple that if something did happen you (above all other folks) would would take action.

Not seeing you at Macworld this year will make us apprecate you all the more. Year-after-year you’ve given so many amazing demos and made it all look so easy: Although we realize that behind that is many hours of hard work and a team of many fine talented people who give it their all.

Unlike so many companies Apple has always made every user feel like they’re a member of an extended family — which is a sort of special magic. It comes from a mindset of thinking different and just trying to make things a little bit better: An attitude that has inspired many of us in our everyday lives. And as a family we owe it to you to give you some personal space.

So we support you on the road to recovery — and will always remember that the journey is the reward…

Michael Pinto
Publisher Fanboy.com

The Mac IIcx

Shown Above: The computer that helped launch my career — the Mac IIcx. Thank you Steve Jobs!

P.S. Yes I know the IIcx wasn’t from the Jobs era, but at the time I couldn’t afford a NeXT!

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