Shuttle Replacement Orion Starts to Take Shape, but the Future is Uncertain

Posted by Michael Pinto on Jan 31, 2009 in Science |

A replica of the launch abort system for the Ares 1X is taken off an Air Force C-5A Galaxy aircraft on Wednesday at the shuttle landing facility at Kennedy Space Center. The mock-up will be used in a July 11 test flight. (Michael R. Brown, FLORIDA TODAY)

Lacking a new administrator NASA’s next direction seems a bit uncertain — and part of the problem with the previous administrator was that the Orion Vehicle project which was suppose to replace the space shuttle which ran way over budget. This past week a mockup of part of the new system arrived at the Kennedy Space Center with the hope that NASA can put together a test launch by July. While it’s certain that President Obama wants to return to the moon his immediate focus at the White House has been on trying to rescue the economy, although the space exploration fanboy in me hopes he gives NASA some leadership sooner than later.

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