Attakus Collection: Toy Fair 2009

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Toy Fair 2009: Attakus Collection: Star Wars Probe Droid

From a fanboy point of view one of the coolest exhibitors at Toy Fair 2009 was the Attakus Collection booth which was packed with highly detailed collectables that take your breath away. The Star Wars Probe Droid above first caught my eye due to the huge scale (and loving detail), but they also had a an amazing collection of smaller scale figures based on everything from Marvel Comics to AstroBoy:

Toy Fair 2009: Attakus Collection: Marvel Comics

Toy Fair 2009: Attakus Collection: Sponge Bob, AstroBoy and Shrek

But what impressed me when I got back to my studio was their catalog below — it’s packed with everything you could imagine (only a small sample of which was on display at the show). Yes all the obvious stuff like Star wars was there, but they also had replicas for the Freak Brothers (for us old time comix fans), original cheesecake creations, Buffy, Ice Age and Aliens:

Toy Fair 2009: Attakus Collection: Catalog Cover

And then I came across this page which should be of interest to anime fans — in their work-in-progress section they show off some highly animated One Piece figures that almost step off the page:

Toy Fair 2009: Attakus Collection: Work in Progress including One Piece

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