Philip José Farmer, 1918-2009: A Paperback Gallery Tribute

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Philip Jose Farmer, his wife Bette, Isaac Asimov and Randall Garrett in 1954. caption: As Isaac Asimov mentions in both his autobiography and in THE HUGO WINNERS, Phil, Isaac and Randall Garrett were at a convention in Cincinnati in 1954 and were interviewed together by a local newspaper. When asked how they keep up with changes in science, before Isaac could make some comical remark, Phil answered that he subscribed to Scientific American. Isaac started subscribing himself after this and that led him into his long career of writing non-fiction science books.

Flesh by by Philip Jose Farmer, Galaxy-Beacon 277, 1960 first printing, illustration by Gerald McConnell

Flesh by by Philip Jose Farmer, 1960 first printing, illustration by Gerald McConnell

Philip José Farmer was part of that first generation of authors who put science fiction on the map — above is a clipping of a 1954 newspaper that shows him, his wife and Isaac Asimov sporting a bow tie to give you a context of the man and his times. Farmer was unusual in that unlike so many other writers of the genre he managed to weave many sexual themes into his science fiction stories.

The book that would put him on the map was the novel Flesh which was published in 1960. When it first came out the book received a rather lukewarm review, but a revised expanded edition eight years later won him more praise — and today the book is acclaimed as a landmark novel of the genre. Later Farmer would go onto write the Riverworld series of books which would inspire a role-playing game, a television series and a PC computer game.

A Woman a Day by Philip Jose Farmer, Beacon Galaxy 1959

A Woman a Day, 1960 first printing, illustration by Gerald McConnell ( found via Martin Prine)

The Alley God by Philip Jose Farmer, Ballantine Original, Illustration: Richard Powers

The Alley God, this was a collection of short stories from Ballantine in 1962, illustration by Richard Powers (found via Øyvind)

Dare by Philip Jose Farmer, First printing, February 1965, illustration by Abbet

Dare, first printing February 1965, illustration by Abbet (found via Øyvind)

To Your Scattered Bodies Go by Philip Jose Farmer, Berkley Medallion, September 1971, Illustration: Richard Powers

To Your Scattered Bodies Go, published in 1971, illustration by Richard Powers (found via Øyvind)

The Lovers by Philip Jose Farmer, Ballantine, First printing, June 1961, This edition; Second printing, June 1972, Illustration: Mati Klarwein

The Lovers, first printing in 1962 this edition is the second printing from 1972, illustration by Mati Klarwein (found via Øyvind)

The Other Log of Phileas Fogg by Philip Jose Farmer, Hamlyn Science Fiction

The Other Log of Phileas Fogg, first published in 1973 this is the 1979 British edition illustrated by Tony Roberts (found via The Emperor Dalek)

Flesh and Lord Tyger by Philip Jose Farmer, Signet, May 1981, Illustration by Bob Pepper

Flesh & Lord Tyger, Flesh was first published in 1960 and Lord Tyger followed in 1970, this edition was published in 1981 and features an illustration by Bob Pepper (found via Øyvind)


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