Why Sisko is the Coolest Star Trek Commander…

Posted by Michael Pinto on Mar 31, 2009 in Star Trek |

Star Trek Deep Space Nine Sisko Command Chair Figure

Kirk is the original, but I have to say that Sisko is pretty much the coolest commander that I’ve come across in every incarnation of Star Trek. Kirk is a bit of a hot head, Jean Luc Picard is just too damn mellow, Janeway was generic and Jonathan Archer was just a tad too lovable: And that leaves us with Benjamin Sisko!

For starters he’s unusual in that he not only settled down early but during the run of the show he’s seen raising his kid. Yet he never seems uncool in the process, and the Deep Space Nine avoided the Muppet Baby thing when showing Jake (which they didn’t pull of with Worf’s kid). And while he has his soft spots he really is a man of action — and even destiny. I also like the fact that during most of the series he’s running a space station instead of the usual spaceship thing. Any way it seems some merchandising folks agree with me as Sisko is available as an action figure come August ofthis year:

“Bring home the 1st commander of the USS Defiant, none other than Commander Benjamin Sisko of Deep Space Nine! Featuring an exclusive Season 3 Sisko Action Figure, this set also includes an excellently detailed USS Defiant command chair, complete with access panels and touch-screen displays. Bring home this piece of the Gamma Quadrant today!”

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