Third Trek Trailer: Kirk Takes the Helm of the Enterprise

Posted by Michael Pinto on Mar 6, 2009 in Star Trek |

FIRE EVERYTHING! It’s hard to go wrong with a line like that? This latest trailer starts to flesh out the story — clearly it’s a coming of age tale ala the first Star Wars movie which would be an ironic but a good reboot for one of my favorite space opera franchises. This new trailer has all sorts of new footage that looks cool like bar fights (this brings me back to what made the original series cool — no drinking Earl Gray tea!) and some cooling looking Starfleet cadet training exercises that involve doing space jumps in orbit above Mars. But I’d say the most interesting thing is that we see Kirk taking the helm of the Enterprise.

Here are some of the more interesting shots from this new trailer:

Third Star Trek XI Trailer: San Francisco

You only see it for a brief bit, but I loved this shot of San Francisco in the future.

Third Star Trek XI Trailer: Starfleet cadets

This shot opens up with a shot of all the new kids on the block who have signed up to be Starfleet cadets…

Third Star Trek XI Trailer: James T. Kirk at the head of the class

…and then the shot pans to James T. Kirk with Spock taunting him!

Third Star Trek XI Trailer: Space cadet training includes doing space jumps at Mars!

Of course being a Starfleet cadet isn’t dull and includes making space jumps to space stations that are orbiting around Mars — sign me up!

Third Star Trek XI Trailer: Kirk takes the helm!

But here’s the important shot: After something happens to previous Captain, we’ve got Kirk stepping up to the plate and taking over the helm of the Enterprise.

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