American McGee’s Grimm: A Marvelously Gregarious Adaptation

Posted by Michael Pinto on Apr 15, 2009 in Comic Books, Videogames |

American McGee's Grimm #1: Cover illustration by Grant Bond

American McGee is a legendary game designer whose now has an episode game running at GameTap called Grimm which is set in a twisted fairy tale universe. Normally I hate comic book adaptions of videogames, but what makes this book interesting is that they went the extra step and are having fun with a superheroes universe which is a clever twist. The artwork for this book is by Grant Bond and you can tell that he’s having a good time with the subject matter — this detail from the front cover is a good example:

American McGee's Grimm #1: Detail from the cover

Normally the fun stops at the cover, but from these spreads below you can see that the quality of the artwork is consistent through out the entire book. But the most important thing I just love to see a comic book that doesn’t take itself so seriously for a change:

American McGee's Grimm #1: Interior Page

Even look at the illustration of superheroes on this page, hey seem so much more fresh and original than what you’d see in a typical Marvel or DC title — yet clearly the style is aimed at a more sophisticated audience:

American McGee's Grimm #1: Interior Page

Here’s he description from IDW:

“Game designer American McGee’s Grimm, available at GameTap, introduces the lovably macabre Grimm into famous fairy tales, transforming them into hellish nightmares. Now Grimm unleashes his dark magic on many comic book archetypes, twisting superhero tales, romance comics, westerns and more to his own purposes. Up first, ‘Crisis On Earth 57’, where Grimm launches a secret invasion crisis into a domain where villains are doomed to fail… until he gets involved!”

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