Two More Dragonball Sequels? Please Make Them Stop!

Posted by Michael Pinto on Apr 14, 2009 in Animation |

In this ReelzChannel interview the stars of the new Dragonball film reveal that not only have they been signed up for a sequel — but that there may be two in the works! By the way I’ve never seen actors work so hard in an interview to unsell me on the film, you get the feeling right away that they put no energy into learning their kung fu moves (to be fair showing the strings doesn’t help). And no where in the interview do they even fake having seen the anime series and loving it. But you be the judge! Does this shot look like “the actress” engaging in intense combat or casual jazzercise:

Dragonball Evolution: Lame Kung Fu Moves!

And then check this out: Does our star look like he’s got a groovy new superpower — or — was he drinking just a bit too much before the shoot?

Dragonball Evolution: Is this guy stoned or what?

And if you can’t even get the publicity stills right how the hell are you going to make a motion picture work? My only guess is that this film was so cheap to make that they’re counting on making the money back on video and toy sales…

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