Retro Nintendo Controller: Relive Your 80s Gaming Nostalgia

Posted by Michael Pinto on Apr 30, 2009 in Videogames |

Retro NES USB Controller

As an interface designer there’s very little in the world of hardware that looks more clunky than the original NES controller from the 80s (well except for Apple’s original iMac hockey puck mouse), but in a sense it’s that primitive charm that makes it such an iconic symbol for an bygone era of videogame innocence. Also in a sense the clunky factor adds to the fun of game play which brings one back to the good old days before ergonomics became a trendy. This Retro NES USB Controller is being distributed by ThinkGeek and features a modern USB connection and is perfect for MAME and NES emulators:

Retro NES USB Controller

The other nice thing is that it’s plug-and-play so no special drivers are needed…

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